By Georges D Augustes

A lot of process has been using in the past to transform metal into a usable product, Because of their durability and strength. Usually turning process is one of the easiest ways to make this happened, by using a metal rod to rotate around and has a tool to do the cutting process on a parallel axis.

Nowadays with the help of CNC turning center or CNC lathes will be able to make this process happened more efficiently as it used to be traditionally carried out with manually operated lathes.

At Unison Tek, we use commands from computer to guide cutting tools that is interpreted by a CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machines. Comparing the way manufacturer do it in the past by manually operated, CNC machines can do complex job with different shapes, and able to make it in a shorter time and reduce the likelihood of human error.

From making turning parts to milling parts, Unison Tek Corp. Ltd can help you accomplish a wide variety of metalworking tasks. By automating the metalworking process and reducing risk of errors, we at Unison Tek Corp. Ltd. can also make your operation more cost-effective and efficient. We make it easy to design and execute turning projects of all shapes and sizes.

Feel free to send us your requirement at georges@unisontek.com.tw

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