The main connector products in Taiwan are: SMA / SMB / MCX/ MMCX/ BNC / TNC/ N-type / IEC/ UHF and micro UHF/IEC / FME/ CATV connectors and others related lathe products that are made of copper/Teflon/POM materials.
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Production of connectors, RF connector design, development of a variety of coaxial connectors, professional RF connetros factory, high-quality SMA connector supplier, connector-can cooperate with customers to provide customized products.

RF-SMA Series

SMA connectors are semi-precision, subminiature devices that provide repeatable electrical performance from DC to 12.4 GHz with flexible cable. Semi-rigid cabling extends the frequency range of the device to 18 GHz. These devices offer broadband performance with low reflection and constant 50 ohm impedance. Impedance. These properties, along with minimum attenuation and low VSWR have made the SMA extremely popular in the microwave community

RF-SMB Series

SMB connectors are semi-precision, subminiature devices that provide repeatable electrical performance to 4 GHz. The SMB family of connectors provide a means of quick-connect and disconnect through a snap-on type coupling.vv

RF-SMC Series

SMC connectors are similar to the SMB in general size and performance, but feature threaded couplings rather than snap-on types.

RF-MCX Series

MCX microminiature connectors provide repeatable performance from DC to 6 GHz. The design of these devices have taken into consideration the need for size reduction, low weight,durability and reliable performance.

RF-MMCX Series

The MMCX connectors are designed for the smallest dimensions, and provide repeatable performances from DC up to 6 GHz.

RF-FME Series

FME connectors are used for mobile antenna applications and can be adapted for either UHF, Mini-UHF, TNC, BNC and N connector interfaces using BSA adapters.

F Type

RF-BNC Series

BNC coaxial connectors are one of the world`s most popular RF connectors. They are miniature, light-weight and can operate satisfactorily up to 11 GHz. The BNC is typically used in applications from DC to 4 GHz and yield low reflection in this frequency range.

RF-TNC Series

TNC series connectors are similar to BNC connectors except for their mating threaded coupling coupling which is designed to provide low reflection from DC to 11 GHz under extreme environmental conditions, especially shock and vibration.

RF-UHF Series

UHF coaxial connectors are one of the first RF connector series to be developed. They are general purpose , nonconstant impedance connector whoch operate from DC to 300 MHz.

Mini-UHF Series

IEC Series

FAKRA Series

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The RF connector is one of the important key components to increase the wireless function of electronic products. The purpose is to let consumers get rid of the trouble of wired when using electronic products, and increase convenience and comfort.
RF connectors allow people to communicate with products immediately. With the development of smart electronic products, RF is a very necessary product.
We believe that installing and using high-quality RF connectors on the product can effectively provide the stability of the product in the wireless function, so as to solve the uncertainty factor of most electronic products.
Therefore, we are constantly committed to improving the reliability of RF product performance and providing customers with more reliable services and solutions.
In the foreseeable future, the application of RF should not be limited to electronic industry projects. RF will be expanded to be used in monitoring systems, aging products and hospital equipment requirements to achieve better resource utilization and configuration.

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