Our Factory and CNC Machines

Unison Tek has advanced production equipments, such as high precision CNC machining center, CNC lathe, milling machine, grinding machine, wire cutting, sawing machine and otheradvanced production equipment and CMM.

In addition, we have projector, high, hardness tester, thickness tester, rough degree of hardness, and other advanced testing equipment, system management and the company has a excellent and skilled engineers and technicians.

Manufacturing Equipment & Production Facilities We just name a few:

Facility Namesets
CNC Lathe39
Auto Lathe7
Machining Center40

Surface Treatments

Common Surface Treatment We Use:

• Vacuum Heat Treatment
• Isothermal Heat Treatment
• Carburizing Heat Treatment
• Black Oxide
• Phosphate Conversion Coating
• Baked Painting/Spray Painting/ Power Coating
• Anodizing
• Electroplating

• Grinding
• Polishing
• Shot Blast and Shot peen
• Tapping
• Drilling
• Industrial Etching
• Welding

Following are Our Factory Pictures

Our factory is a bright and orderly working environment. Each operator operates various CNC machines in accordance with the SOP procedure , and the administrator monitors the production situation at the site at any time.

If an accident occurs, the technician first understands the problem and solves the problem. We want to make sure that every phase of production is right.

Unisontek CNC Machine Shop Service picture 2

Unison Tek welcomes our customers to visit us and our factory in Taiwan to learn about our production process and the CNC machines we used.

At the same time, let customers understand the process of metal parts inspection, through face-to-face technical discussions will make you more impressed with the company's technical capabilities. You could also visit our Inspection Equipment to how Unisontek to make sure our product quality.

Contact Unison Tek

To understand our manufacturing capabilities and services in very detail, we welcome customers to contact our sales via skype phone or email to get more information about us, or even make an appointment for your visit. Get more info CNC Machining Parts.

Following video is our customer visited our factory: