Unison Tek Co., Ltd. is an ISO 9001:2015 certified OEM precision milled parts,turned parts &  assembly manufacturer in Taiwan with more than 27 years of experience. 
Our machine shop specialize in tight tolerance CNC Lathe Parts ,Milling Parts & Assembly. We are experts in making custom machined parts of the highest quality that fulfill your every demand.
The 2018 Holiday Season at Unison Tek

Easy, Economical & Efficient

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precision metal
Easy, Economical and Efficient

One-Stop Service: prototyping, assembling, engineering consultation, shipping discount, lead time, after-sales support, and more!

extrusion parts

We support prototyping and smaller quantities. Our team of experienced engineers can provide feedback straight from the production line,
helping to transform your design into a mass-production reality.

cnc machining

Our OEM portfolio includes: Metrology, Agricultural, Relays, HVAC, Optical,
Safety Detection, Medical devices, and even Live performance equipment.
When it comes to manufacturing know-how, you can count on us.

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Strong Mechanical Engineering Team

27 years of


Precision Metal parts

In this part, we will share some metal parts that we made and introduce products which field they could be apply to.

CNC Machining Service

In this part, we will introduce some technical in CNC Machining Process.