Unison Tek’s emphasis on continuous improvement and best-in-class customer service has been rewarded time and again with returning customers. There is no higher compliment than positive feedback from our customers.

Florida, United States

“ Unison Tek has been a pleasure to work with. Pricing is very competitive, and customer service is excellent. The latest metal clip project was challenging, and I appreciated the honest communication of the difficulties encountered and the hard work in resolving them. We look forward to continuing to work with you on future products.”

Unison Tek 's customer 001

Connecticut, United States

“ We are very satisfied with our experiences working with Unison Tek.”

Helsinki, Finland

“ Excellent service for us, thanks for your sales and hope cooperation going well always.”

Victoria, Canada

“ Excellent prompt service. Even though we are a small company, we get great support with both quality and technical supports.”

Unisontek Customer

Our customers always comes back to us for our advantages:

▸Tight Tolerance and Quality at Reasonable Prices
▸Accepts Small quantity/Prototyping
▸Multi-process Integration
▸Live assistance and Hands-on service

Please visit Why you choose Unison Tek to learn more our advantages, and About us.

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Ontario, Canada

“ Communicating with Unison team is pleasant. The staff behind is knowledgeable and professional. And Daniel makes it even better by making the communication seamless. Products have been high-quality. There isn’t really anything to complaining about. Keep up the good work. We greatly appreciate your help. Thank you!! ”

Indiana, United States

“ Unison is one of our best suppliers. Quotes are always right around the pricing we receive from other suppliers.”


United States

“ We have always felt that Unison Tek are very quick to respond to enquiries, very helpful with queries and offer competitive pricing,  good quality and short lead-times. We hope to develop our working relationship and business level with Unison Tek over the coming years. ”

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Unisontek Customer