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Precision CNC Turning Parts CNC Turned Parts OEM Producer

What type of products Unisontek could provide to you

Unisontek has mainly provided CNC Machined Parts, such as CNC Turning Parts and CNC Milling Parts. In addition, Unisontek also provides other metal partsm such like Stamping PartsAssemblyPlastic Injection Parts.   We also provide a list of that what kind of machined components Unisontek could manufacture:

Auto Parts Solar, Green Power and Agricultural Equipment
Medical EquipmentFood & Beverage Industry Equipment
Inspection InstrumentFlow Control Equipment
Communication EquipmentElectronics Mechanical Components
Laser and SemiconductorComputer and Accessories, Camera, Telescope 
Microwave Device ComponentsTextile, Knitting, Packing Machines 

Capacities of Unisontek

  • Surface Treatment (Plating)
    Ground, Zinc, Nickel, Chrome,  Gold, Silver, Anodizing, Blasting, Electrol Nickel Plating, Painting, Passivation, Black Oxide & Nitriding.
  • Heat Treatment
    Annealing, Quench, Temper, Carburizing, etc.
  • Others
    Laser Marking, Stamp Marking, etc.

Laser Cutting 

Compound of CNC Milling and CNC Turning

Forging Parts


Die Casting