Because we are a robust, creative company that thinks outside the box. We continuously review and evaluate our manufacturing methods to ensure we utilize the most efficient and cost-effective procedures available.

Unison Tek has following advantages that really benefit to our customers and be competitive:

Quick Turn Around

In our sales department, every sales would try his/her best to reply to customers in the one working day, when they just receive inquiry from customers, because we take every inquiry really seriously, particularly emergency order.

Shipment Discount

Unisontek has high shipment discount from FedEx/DHL, because we have large cargo volume  every month, so  we could  provide competitive shipping price to our customers.


Short Lead-Time 

We control every phase in manufacturing CNC precision metal parts, of course, both of customers and Unisontek would like to have a good deal. In case of accident, we will inform our customers in advanced.

Financially Stable

 Even in global financial crisis, we got through it, and still continued to increase our business 9% every year.


Manufacturing Consulting

Unison Tek has strong mechanical engineering team and facility with more than 27 years experiences in CNC precision metal parts manufacture. 

Manufacturing Quality

We have qualified inspection equipments and professional inspector to check every product is in high quality


Support from small quantity parts to big quantity assembly products.

Strict Quality control


Competitively priced 

Savings at least 35% compared to local supplier.

A few years ago, one of our American customers wanted parts made by forging. After a thorough analysis, we recommended a switch to lost wax casting (investment casting). As a result of the change, our customer was able to cost down significantly on this unit. Learn mroe from News.

Another successful case is for one component containing four holes. In most CNC productions, it would require the drill four times to achieve four holes. Having assessed the procedure and studied the model, we developed a custom tooling to punch one time and get four holes as required. In one move, we’ve improved the turnover/lead time, production costs, as well as accuracy precision of the part. From customers feedback.

We have firmly believed in the idea of consistent quality, service, honesty, and responsibility, which is also our policy to satisfy our customers with the most competitive price, the excellent quality, and the best service. If you are interested in any of our CNC precision metal parts, please feel free to contact with us immediately. We look forward to building a long-term cooperation relationship and bringing a mutual benefits with you.

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