Liquid Cooling Solution

When air-cooled heat sinks cannot cope with too high power densities, water cooling plate are the heat transfer solution of choice. The water cooling plates are made of copper or aluminum with high thermal conductivity. The water circulation system is embedded into the liquid cooling plate, and the electronic components are fixed directly on the water cooling plate. 

water cooling plate_Unison Tek
water cooling plate2_Unison Tek

Compared with the air cooled system, the heat capacity of water is four times that of air, so the water cooled system has a good thermal load capacity, and at the same temperature rise and mass flow rate, the heat absorbed by water is four times that of air. Therefore, it is suitable for cooling high-power server equipment with hundreds or kilowatts

water cooling plate_Unison Tek 4
water cooling plate_Unison Tek 3

Customized cooling plate applied with your product can achieve maximum cooling effect without annoying  noise, Unison Tek had much experiences in custom OEM liquid cooling solution manufacturing, we can offer not only attractive price and lead time but design consulting and urgent request.

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