Medical science and technology advances constantly. There is a whole industry of design and engineering specialists contributing to this fundamental pillar of modern society. 

It is therefore impossible to make a list of core medical equipment which would be exhaustive and/or universally applicable.

To compliment the wide range of small diameter stainless steel and titanium bars already stocked, the group package now includes a series of medical grade plastics

medical equipment 5

There are many options when it comes to producing tools and medical equipment. However, steel of the stainless variety has become practically ubiquitous in many areas due to the properties mentioned above.

Most of these same reasons are why kitchen appliances and other equipment also utilize stainless steel. Stainless Structurals can produce special shapes and special stainless steel profiles in many grades of stainless for these applications.

Our primary method of production for these types of products would be from our cold drawn or hot rolling lines. These products are available in 304/L, 316/L or other alloys. Contact us today for your stainless steel needs.