On 18 Oct, 2023, Unison Tek was awarded the Dun & Bradstreet Elite SME Award (SME stands for Small & Medium Enterprises).

DUNSCertified_Unison Tek_ photo

Dun & Bradstreet Elite SME Award_Unison Tek.PNG

With this award, our company has the pleasure of being recognized by D&B among the top 1000 SMEs in Taiwan.

Despite difficulties of the overall market and industry during and after COVID, Unison Tek has held strong and in fact has grown our business.

This has culminated in our recognition by dun&bradstreet to be elevated among our numerous Taiwan peers.

In addition, please mail and get a free quote from Harry Yen [email protected] or visit our FacilityTechnical Data for your reference and Quality Inspection. We're looking forward to you and invite you to visit our factory in Taipei of Taiwan. In addition, our engineering team will reply to you with useful feedback.

Please watch presentation of our company on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tznp2dAs8KE