Knowledge to Milling Machine Processing

What is Milling Machine Processing?

CNC milling machine processing refers to the use of a milling cutter with several cutting edges, the milling cutter is rotated by a CNC program, and the work object is moved at the same time. For small or large quantities of production, milling machines can be economically processed.

The advantages of milling are its circular milling cutter, which is economical in cost and has a high metal removal rate. It can cut many cutting edges on a milling machine in a very short period of time.

Due to the different shapes of milling cutters and mechanical application methods, the milling machine can do various milling tasks. The processing items of the milling machine include plane milling, surface milling, groove milling, gear milling, and cam milling.

The type of Milling Machine Processing

Common CNC milling machines include vertical milling machines, horizontal milling machines, and universal milling machines.


Vertical Milling Machine Processing

It is named after the cutter shaft is set in an upright position. The movement of the worktable is the same as that of an ordinary milling machine, and the milling cutter has no other movement except for the rotary movement.

The rotating shaft tool head can be rotated, and the rotating shaft can be set on a vertical plane at any angle from vertical to horizontal.

The rotating shaft of this machine can move up and down in a short distance in the mass axis, which is good for layered milling. Some vertical milling machines have rotating attachments or rotating tables.

It can mill member-shaped grooves or continuously mill small-volume production parts. The cutting tool used on the vertical milling machine is an end mill.


Horizontal Milling Machine Processing

It is named after the tool axis is set in the horizontal position. This machine is mainly designed for milling large workpieces that need to mill a large amount of material, as well as accurately copying curved surfaces and contours.

Its working principle is to feed the rotating milling cutter at an appropriate speed on a long worktable with only longitudinal movement.


Universal Milling Machine Processing

Universal milling machine is the most widely used CNC milling machine. The bed can not only move longitudinally, laterally and vertically, but also can rotate 45 degrees left and right in the horizontal direction.

The milling cutter is installed on the mandrel. The mandrel has more than 10 speeds to match the feed in three directions of the table. Therefore, a variety of milling cutters and different conditions can be used to meet the needs of the work.

And the bed can be rotated, so it can mill and cut spiral work and angled surfaces, so it has the title of universal milling machine.

CNC lathe processing is a machine suitable for round workpieces, such as piston rings, stainless steel bars and so on.

There are no restrictions on the workpieces applicable to CNC milling machines. Programmable workpieces are available, such as mobile phone molds and precision mechanical parts.

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