Correct use of steel cable

According to environmental conditions

According to the conditions of the operating environment, the correct selection of steel cables is the first priority to reduce the risk.
For example, in mechanical equipment, where the frequency of use is high, and the number of passes through the pulley is large, steel cables with high fatigue resistance should be selected.
Where pulleys or components are subject to intense wear, steel cables with high wear resistance should be used; when used on the coast or in the sea where rust is prone to rust, galvanized steel cables with high corrosion resistance should be used.
In the use of high-lift cranes, non-rotating steel cables should be used in order to avoid entanglement of steel cables.

Unloading and moving

When unloading the steel cable from a truck or automobile, it is absolutely necessary to avoid dropping it directly on the ground from a high place, and it must be unloaded slowly by using a pad, a crane or a stacker.
When moving the wooden shaft to install the steel cable, the lever should be attached to the edge of the wooden shaft, and do not directly touch the steel cable. When using a stacker to carry, special care should also be taken not to directly touch the steel cable.

Other notices

The steel cables are all rolled or wound on wooden shafts, so when unwinding, be careful not to twist or loosen twists and kinks or collapse. The unwinding method should be implemented in accordance with the correct method.
Once kinking or collapse occurs, the strength of the steel cable will be different from the original strength.
correct use of steel cable 2

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