EDP coating


EDP coating is an application used to wrought and cast steel/irons, zinc or aluminium die cast products, bronze-welded and zinc-coated steels. The advantages of using this technique is that, unlike other coated processes, it is able to coating deep recesses in complex shapes while maintaining a uniform thickness. It also provides corrosion resistance, and is environmentally-friendly.


A metal part is first immersed in a water-based solution that contains emulsion. Then, we use an electric voltage to do the trick - the paint emulsion is thus condense onto the part. The surface, both inside and outside of the part, will be covered with a layer of paint. The coating thickness is limited by the applied voltage.

As areas of high voltage build a coating they become insulators thus allowing lower voltage areas to build up. Finally, the interior of a part can be coated since the exterior is fully insulated by the coating.

Following the painting tank, a rinse tank removes the residual emulsion from the part and recycles it back to the paint tank by ultrafiltration. The E-coat is cured by heat and the curing time and temperature is determined by the E-coat chemistry; epoxy, acrylic, etc.

Cleaning, rinsing, acid etching, rinsing, wetting agent dip, E-coat, E-coat rinsing and recovery, DI rinsing and curing with convection are some of the typical steps applied in EDP coating.

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