Introduction to Metal Processing

For thousands of years, mankind has developed many metal manufacturing methods, one of which is to process the metal into a sheet-like form, which is the so-called sheet metal processing. Below we will introduce some concepts and processes of this metal processing method

metal processing

Laser cutting

"It's like drawing a picture, you can freely cut out various plane shapes."

Laser cutting is one of the most basic metal manufacturing methods. Although it is a basic method, there are still many details that need attention. First of all, the laser master needs to set the starting point and end position of the cutting according to experience, in order to truly ensure the contour, flatness and quality of the cut items. Secondly, the power should be adjusted for different materials and different thicknesses of sheets, which is too easy to burn. The coke, power is insufficient and it is not easy to cut, so the seemingly simple laser cutting process actually hides a lot of professional skills. In addition, laser cutting is very suitable for the current market, that is, a small amount of diversity.
         The excellent laser processing quality can make the subsequent processing process smoother. Banyan Seiko has more than decades of metal processing technology, has rich experience in laser cutting technology, and provides accurate and good-quality metal products.

Sheet metal bending

"Traditional methods that challenge the ultimate skills of sheet metal masters"

Sheet metal bending is a technology-testing process. In simple terms, it uses a mold to bend the plate. However, when the product requires multiple complex bending, it tests the master's judgment and thinking on the process sequence.
         Sheet metal bending can make the product have a relatively three-dimensional shape, produce a more complex contour, and meet the institutional needs of many technological products.
         Sheet metal processing makes metal sheets into parts or product sizes, ranging from small washers or brackets, to housings of household appliances and wings of large airplanes. These metal parts are widely used in various industrial products, such as: airplanes, automobiles, construction, consumer goods, public art, furniture, cabinets, chassis, electrical boxes, etc., and the range is very wide. Banyan Seiko has a wealth of sheet metal bending technology.


"True and most traditional construction method, suitable for mass production and complex forming"

Stamping is a commonly used manufacturing method in mass production of metal products. The machine tool used for stamping is called a punch, and the die used is called a stamping die. With the help of the power of the machine tool, the sheet metal is cut, bent or shaped by heavy blows to make the shape and size of the mold. In fact, the laser cutting and sheet metal bending introduced above are exactly the processing methods evolved from stamping and forming, mainly in response to a variety of processing needs.

Surface treatment

"Different construction methods show different surface metal processes, which one do you like?"


  • The sandblasted texture gives the product a stable and restrained visual experience.
  • The sandblasting process can remove scratches and slight dirt on the material to improve product quality.
  • Sandblasting texture can choose different thicknesses and types of sand to have more choices in product appearance.
  • The sandblasted product will show different degrees of slight flicker under light and shadow, making the product more layered.
  • Sandblasting and proper surface manufacturing process can make the product less likely to be scratched or scratched.


  • The texture of the hairline can fully express the characteristics of cold and masculine metal, full of personality.
  • Choose textures of different thicknesses to appropriately enhance the overall quality of the business.
  • Hairline processing can choose different directions.
  • Hairline treatment is suitable for the surface of stainless steel and aluminum alloy.


"The magician who dyes metal with colorful colors"

  • Anodizing can form a layer of protection on the surface of the aluminum alloy to delay oxidation and increase the strength of the aluminum alloy.
  • The anodized treatment is combined with sandblasting and hairline surface treatment to give a colorful and detailed texture visually.
  • There are different colors for the anode treatment.
  • The anode manufacturing process requires the product to be lifted or clamped, so the position of the clamping point needs to be considered.

Vibration grinding

"Process to remove sharp edges of metal products"

  • Vibration grinding is often used for sharp edge treatment of metal products. Sand and gravel are mixed into metal workpieces. After a long period of vibration, it can modify the edges of stainless steel products, avoid cutting hands, and make the metal surface more shiny.
  • The cost of vibration grinding is lower than that of polishing (mirror), and it is a compromise option for products with cost considerations.
  • The shape of metal products will affect the processing yield and test the experience of designers and processors.

Laser engraving

"The finishing touch highlights the intrinsic value of the product"

  • Laser engraving is mostly used in the final process of products to display LOGO, text messages, or to add some patterns to the product.
  • Laser engraving is suitable for engraving on stainless steel or darker (surface-treated) metal surfaces, and the information presented is more obvious.
  • Highlighting the brand image of metal products is the finishing touch.
  • Customized products are convenient and fast, and have great competitive advantages.

Paint treatment

"Give metal a variety of colors and different textures"

  • Baking paint treatment is to paint on the metal surface as a surface treatment, both protection and performance of another texture.
  • Different types of paints can be selected for the paint treatment, such as: mirror piano paint, matting paint, texture paint, leather paint, etc. for the metal surface, providing rich colors and texture options.
  • The color of the paint can also be adjusted according to the color specified by the customer.
  • Refer to the anode treatment instructions for pinch points.

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