What are the Benefits of CNC Machining for Mass Production?

By Georges

During mass production some components of an item are produced in separate stages on separate machines to make different batches of products. Using CNC machines for mass production can streamline the workflow of the accuracy, speed and reliability.

The advantages

  • On Mass production a lot of waste are accumulated, CNC machining help on cost savings because of the accuracy and low waste of raw materials.
  • Outdate process makes parts by moving the piece from station to station, with CNC machine parts are produced faster because the same machine can work all the way through creating a part.
  • Manually operated a machine makes it dangerous by moving parts that might be out of your control, CNC machining is safer.
  • To avoid the factors of human error to manually using a machine, a programmed CNC machine can produce an item on a cycle that can be repeated faster and more frequently.
  • After a CNC machine is programmed and well-maintained, the cutting process will be exactly as specified for a fast and consistent run of quality work. After a good result, the machine will make that part the same way every time.

CNC Machining at Its Best

There is no doubt that CNC machines are expensive and use a lot of electricity when they are in production run. However, during mass production the productivity gains more than offset the cost of machine and the workers or CNC specialists.

  • CNC machines can work on multiple axes simultaneously, such as on curved or sloped objects, and even work around corners.

Whether you are choosing a lathe, a mill, or a router, or even all three for your mass production, your initial cost will be more than repaid by your savings and the value that these machine will create for your company.

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