Your best source for metal parts

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Your best source for metal parts

Unison Tek offers excellent CNC machining services for custom precision CNC metal parts. Incorporating the latest CNC machining and milling processes with high standard techniques to satisfy both quantity and quality.

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Unison Tek uses superior Japanese CNC turning and milling equipment to manufacture and perform inspections with CMMs, profile projectors, height gauges, roughness gauges, thread gauges, and other precision measuring instruments. We also provide material certificates.

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One stop service

We'll make your sourcing job easier than ever - prototyping, assembly, engineering inquiries, shipping discounts, short lead times, after-sales support, and much more. As a customer-oriented service, we are always on the lookout for methods to maximize your profits and minimize your costs, as our clients can attest. Flexible and short lead times are available for small batch production.

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In cooperation with FedEx, DHL and many other local and international freight forwarders, we have the most excellent discounts out there, the knowledge and experience to save your precious money and time, and have your orders shipped quickly, wherever they are. find.

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Engineering team (OEM / ODM)

We have a team of manufacturing process analysts, including 15 engineers rich in precision turning, milling and assembly experience, who work hard to optimize the production process for you with maximum efficiency.

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