Safety for Wire Rope Repair and Maintenance

Wire rope oil should be replenished regularly

In order to prevent the wire rope from rusting and reduce friction damage, the wire rope oil should be replenished regularly. When replenishing oil, you should use the lubricating oil recommended by the original manufacturer to extend the life span. Heavy oil or crude oil is prohibited.


When steel cables need to be stored for a long time, direct sunlight and heat sources such as boilers should be avoided to avoid drying of grease and loss of lubricating performance.
Do not store the steel cable directly on the ground, as there is a risk of corrosion due to humidity. If it is to be placed outdoors, it should be raised about 30 cm above the ground with sleepers, etc., and covered to avoid rain, pay attention to clean ground, and avoid weeds.
Steel cables are susceptible to corrosion and should be adequately coated with grease for safekeeping.
When storing steel cables that have been disassembled after use, the mud, sand, dust and other dirt on the surface of the steel cables should be removed with a wire brush. When cleaning, use special detergent for steel cable to avoid corrosion of fiber core.

Judgment of scrap wire rope

The judging of scrap wire rope varies greatly depending on the state of use and its structure. Generally speaking, the elongation rate of the new steel cable is relatively high.
After a period of use, it will become a stable state of load extension and no-load contraction. If it is used again, it will suddenly increase and the rope may break.
In this case, the wire rope should be scrapped immediately.

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