Customized Forging Parts in Taiwan

Forging Parts in Taiwan

Forging parts or shaping metal parts usually through a variety of molds has become a special characteristic of our industrial culture in Taiwan. Even before science, industry and technology came into existence, the shaping of metals took place for various domestic and work applications.

Besides metals, synthetics like fiber are also commonly used to manufacture a variety of products, both for machinery and artistic purposes.

The Benefits of Forging

Forging is nearly completely beneficial procedure from the point of view of those who use the ended product. The procedure of forging often creates a piece of metal that is far stronger as compared to a piece that has been fortified by customized forging parts or cast.

When it comes to metals including steel and iron, which are the most usually utilized materials within the structure industry, this power and durability is chief to their appeal and the tasks that they carry out.

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Why forging is used?

Forging is used when a less complex object is needed to manufacture and of less heavy weight.

It is used to get greater strength, high tensile strength, high degree of surface finish, greater productivity, more reliability, greater dimensional accuracy, greater fatigue strength etc in desired product. There are some types of forging we used below:
Hot Forging、Cold Forging、Press Forging、Drop Hammer Forging


Modified Vehicle / Refitting Vehicle
Knitting Equipment

Forged Parts / Metal Parts / Machine Shop / OEM Parts

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