Investing in a Customer – How Unison Tek Rose to Meet the Challenge

The Challenge

When Unison Tek finds an opportunity to improve a client process, we will do what we can to make it happen. Whether we must adjust our milling and turning process in order to meet the needs of a customer, it’s all in the spirit of a true partnership.

Prior to Unison Tek, this American company was having some issues that came with their machining process turning and milling that they made locally. That problem makes it costly for them and longer process.

The Solution

At Unison Tek when the engineering team saw this opportunity to adjust the method to lost wax casting (investment casting) then final milled of the drawing’s dimensions. At this point, we must streamline the production process with maximum efficiency.

Instead of doing turning and milling process for these parts and risking more bottle-necking issues, we took on the capital risk of doing wax casting then milled process to provide the most efficient, streamlined process.

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The Result

Thanks to the Unison Tek’s commitment to improve the process, this customer was able to reduce a great deal of cost, using less material and machining time.

This customer was able to deliver these parts at an 100% on time rate and prices have become more consistent year over year.

Unison Tek’s dedication to provide only the highest quality process has resulted in more consistency and praise from our beloved customers.

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