Accessories that a Lathe Machine is equipped with

Lathe Machine

A lathe machine has numerous applications in industrial field and is usually called the mother of all automatic equipment.  The work piece is firmly held in the chuck or ad then turned and shaped by a cutting tool.  In the end, the desirable finished product result.

A lathe machine is composed of various sections as well as has many attached accessories, which are as follows:


There are 2 fundamental types of centers, live center and dead center.  The live center always revolves with the work piece while the dead center fits in the tailstock spindle and it doesn’t revolve.


Chucks function when they grip and rotate the work pieces.  Short work piece can be held in position between chucks.


The work piece is rotated by gripping the carrier to the end.

Drive Plate:

A drive plate is a round plate that is threaded in a specific way so that it precisely joins onto the spindle end.

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