The Secrets to A Successful Delivery

I remember one time, I was browsing through e-bay, and found this black Airpods case with silky, glossy texture – just what I like. With reasonable price, fair freight cost and the overall good review about this seller, I purchased the silky black case, anticipating the day that it arrives so that it can go with my Airpods perfectly. I’ve waited a whole year and the parcel never came knocking on my door. I never received the Airpods case that should be arrive 3 weeks at the latest after I clicked the purchase button, that I paid for. The feedbacks that I received from the customer service is as disappointing. They said that the goods must be falling thorough the cracks amidst of the shipment and they advised me to wait for a bit while and they sent their sincere apology for it. It was a year ago and I still don’t get my case. Here at Unison Tek, we know how frustrating it can be to get into trouble with the delivery of the goods. That’s why we strive to provide the most professional, efficient as well as cost-effective shipping service for our machining parts.


You now have a pretty good idea of just how good our machining service is. But no matter how good the parts are, it’s no use if they cannot be delivered to the hands of our customers, safe and sound. That’s where we come in. Here at UT, we have a strong shipping team that provides excellent and professional shipping service. Based on the design, size, texture of the parts, we choose different materials to tailor the needs of our customers (wood, carton, crate, etc). And if the parts are delicate, and needs extra protection, we will use pallets or plastic bags to wrap parts individually for sufficient packing. Also, our staff is trained to maintain a good warehouse layout, with each customer’s goods are categorized and placed in different sections. The warehouse and shipping documents are being audited by iso inspector every year, making sure that everything’s right on track. As for the packaging work, the exterior of each box will be put with clear identification, including PO number, part number, weight and quantity.


“Quality of the works and price are equally important.” We get this a lot from our customers. It goes without saying that, people care a lot about the price they are going to pay for the freight as well as just the goods itself. Fortunately, as Unison Tek has a good amount of exported goods, we have contracted shipping services like DHL and FedEx, which can provide us with great discount. Besides air shipment, we have contracted sea forwarder as well. Depending on our customer’s preferences, we can provide quotes for different shipping methods for them to consider. Most of our customers are satisfied with the freight cost we put together.


Money, packing methods, when it comes to the art of delivery, there are many things at play, and efficiency and customized service are, without a single doubt, one of the most crucial factors a lot customers would expect highly from their suppliers, which we can be proud to say that we’ve been doing a great job. Once our shipping personnel gets the parts ready for shipment, the sales person will contact the customer to discuss the shipping methods. Once it’s been decided, the delivery of the goods will proceed immediately. From then on, the customer can expect to receive their goods on their doorstep within 2-3 days. If the order is urgent, we can also choose expedited services, which the time of delivery may shorten to 1-2 days.

Moreover, some of our customers have strict regulations in terms of packing and delivery, due to the company policy or country regulation. In those cases, we would be glad to treat them as special cases and customized our packing for them.


To simply put, when it comes to the delivery of customer’s goods, we take pride in the work we do, because of our professional staff, efficient service and cost-effective options. We do, want the best for our customers, not just the machining service, and we believe this attitude reflects positively onto the good feedbacks our customers provide.

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