What Are Different CNC Milling Machine Parts?

CNC Milling Machine Parts

There are various types of milling machines with a variety of particular functions based on certain specifications. Each machine contains a cutter that can be operated at a various range of speed in order to form the required shape. Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Milling Machines are also available in different sizes. Milling refers to the machining process which uses rotary cutters in order to remove material from a work-piece. You can buy a CNC Milling Machine to cut wood or metal or even to perform engraving on metals and other things.

Depending on your requirement, you can buy either a brand new or a used milling machine. Most people do not consider buying a used machine because they do not find themselves confident enough about the working status of it. Below are mentioned the parts which are found in all CNC Milling Machines.


It can be anywhere from one to six axis depending on the type the machine. Actually, it determines the size and also what function it is meant to do.


The column is that component which travels along an axis which is used to hold the part which cuts or mills.

Control Panel

The control panel is the part which helps hold the computer keyboard (small or large). This is where G-codes can be programmed into the machine.

Cutting Tool

The cutting tool is connected to the column and used to cut the pieces in the same way as the operator commands.

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The spindle is used to hold the cutting tool in its proper place.

Coolant Supply Tubes

The coolant supply tubes are used in order to keep the cutting tool and the metal cool and lubricated.


The table is the flat platform where the workpiece is attached using a clam or vacuum. This is the place where the workpiece will be kept when being milled.

There are different types of CNC milling machines available. They are available in small and large sizes depending on what they are supposed to do. Some of the types are mentioned below.

Vertical Cnc Mill — It has a vertical spindle axis. It means the cutters which are used for milling are held vertically.

Horizontal Cnc Mill — It has the same kind of table as the vertical mill, but the difference is that its cutters are mounted horizontally.

Various different parts are used in CNC milling machines such as axis, spindle, cutters, table and so on. These parts perform specific functions for which they are designed.

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